Case Studies

Ambulance Victoria

Lock Focus engaged Stronghold to help create and install a system which would allow Ambulance Victoria and Princes Linen to keep their sheets, blankets, pillowcases and towels in secured lockers and give real-time data on resource levels.
To replace the existing facility and provide enough storage space for patrons, Melbourne Museum needed to add around 500 lockers to its cloakroom area. Lockers Australasia provided a design that got the required amount of lockers into the space without sacrificing on each patron’s individual storage allotment.

Broome Airport Case Study

Lockers Australasia and Stronghold worked together to design and manufacture 30 very large baggage lockers, set in 10 three-door columns, plus a control module for customers to make payments and unlock their locker.

McDonalds Case Study

Lockers Australasia worked with Stronghold to develop staff lockers for McDonald’s stores for employees to store their belongings while they’re at work.